Ceramic Bed

Get rid of your pain

Different body heating instruments have been used by people all over the world for treating many ailments for centuries across various societies. The ceramic bed has been recognized as one of the most effective modern heat-generating instruments for the purpose of treating several body and muscle ailments. By the use of ceramic stones embedded in heat resistant fibres, heat is transferred to the bed by the means of infra-red heating produced by the use of electricity. Negative ions present in the infrared react with the positive ions present in the body to produce a balancing effect, which helps treat a variety of ailments.

Doubles as a heating bed for winter

Instead of opting for expensive heating solutions for your bed during winter, a ceramic embedded bed can be used as a cost-effective alternative for a good night sleep. Tests and trials among several people across years have proven that sleeping in ceramic beds has been perceived to be more comfortable and preferable that other methods of room heating.

Ideal for businesses and home

Spas, health clubs, hospitals or clinics can ideally use it for their customers and patients. It can be used in domestic purposes too. It can be used for years without the need of any service or maintenance. There are several models of durable ceramic bed that can be used for different purpose across different institutions.

Effective for several ailments

The use of such bed can work against a range of ailments for patients like asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, migraines, back pain, osteoarthritis, pain and sleep problems. It can also prove to be an effective instrument for strengthening the immune system. Several models and designs of the ceramic bed have been approved by reputed institutions like the FDA for use in the public domain.

Body Sculpting Routine for Men

The first portion of a complete body sculpting routine for men is the upper body routine. Because many men are already comfortable with exercise for this area of the body, it’s generally the part of the body that’s well-defined and toned. Here are some simple exercises that can be used for the upper body:

  • Pushups – targets the entire upper body and upper back
  • Military presses – take a barbell or dumbbells in each hand to lift the hands above the shoulders, pressing towards the ceiling. You can also alternate one arm at a time to help protect your low back.
  • Bench presses – lying on a weight bench, you will push the weights up from the shoulders
  • Bicep curls – take a weight in one hand and lift into a curl position to the shoulder
  • Tricep dips – on a weight bench, place your palms behind your body, slowly lower the upper body down

But many men forget that a complete body sculpting routine for men should include lower body exercises as well. This will help the body be balanced in its tone and symmetry – no sense in having great arms if your legs are skinny and underdeveloped. Here are some exercises that will work well for a complete body sculpting routine for men:

  • Squats – either with weights in the hand or with squat machine
  • Calf raises – standing up on your toes as far as you can, hold and slowly lower again
  • Quad extensions – on a weight machine, sit and then extend your leg until straight
  • Hamstring curls – using a machine or simply standing, bend your leg towards your buttocks

Elliptical Trainer vs Treadmill

Elliptical trainer pros

  • An elliptical machine permits your body to easily simulate a running or jogging motion, without in any way triggering impact on your joints as a treadmill would.
  • Virtually all elliptical bikes usually come with moveable handles, which enables you to work out your upper body and lower body at the same time.
  • This gym equipment also facilitates for reverse stride training that can effectually stimulate various muscle groups in your body.
  • Finally, research has revealed that individuals tend to exercise harder than they really perceive while utilizing an elliptical trainer.

Elliptical trainer cons

  • Unlike a treadmill, an elliptical machine doesn’t come with an incline adjustment feature. This prevents it from offering optimal variations in terms of a regular workout regimen.
  • While presenting less impact, an elliptical trainer ‘s pedals are suspended in the air, and therefore it possesses a lesser weight-bearing effect.

Treadmill pros

  • Treadmills are widely acclaimed for their unparalleled versatility. You can opt to walk at a brisk pace, jog or even engage in an uphill sprint. These machines are known to present a wide variety of workout options when it comes to speed, incline and in-built exercise programs.
  • As technology advances, fitness experts are developing new equipment, most of which can be awkward to utilize. As it can mimic natural motion, the treadmill is fortunately not affected by this issue.
  • Propelling your weight necessitates a lot of exertion as a result your body will be in a position of burning more calories in a very rapid manner.
  • Treadmills have been in existence since the 19th century. This means they have undergone extensive research and development, and are thus more perfected than any other cardio equipment.

Treadmill cons

  • Making use of a treadmill can have a negative effort on your joints. Running on such machine exerts significant stress on the spinal cord, hips, knees and even the ankle joints. This is especially true if you don’t stretch or warm-up prior to using it.
  • Some recent research has revealed that the actual size of the treadmill belt you run on can trigger alterations in the way you walk or run, which leads to muscle imbalances.

Effects Of Heart Rate Monitor On Exercise

Heart rate monitors are designed to be the best workout partner even if a personal trainer is available. The heart rate monitor will make routine exercise much easier and even more enjoyable because of its many exciting features. Of course the main purpose of the monitor is to measure the heart rate while you are training.

Many doctors recommend exercising at 60% to 80% of your maximum heart rate, known as your target zone. This zone could minimize the risk of a cardiovascular problem or musculoskeletal energy caused by training too hard. The use of a monitor will help you find your target zone with ease.

There are heart rate monitors that can design specific training programs for the user, which determines how fast, how long, how hard, and just how much effort you should put out to reach the targeted training program. This monitoring equipment does this better than any other piece of exercise equipment.

One unique feature of this type of device is providing the user with a summary of the last workout and previous exercises with its memory storage capacity. Some monitors are able to upload and download precise information to and from your computer for even more detailed monitoring. These monitors are able to record every second of exercise count, measuring your highest peak allowing you to complete your most efficient workout. This is the component that prevents one from over or under-training which is a waste of your time and energy.

With today’s technology, you’re able to choose from many different styles of monitors, one which is worn on the wrist the same way you’d wear a watch and it could also serve as a sport watch. This great feature allows you to wear your monitor for exercising, making a short trip to the grocery store, or an evening stroll in your favorite park.

There are many types of heart rate monitors on the market and you should easily find one to suit your needs. This device will greatly help you during your workouts, tracking your cardiovascular measurements an much, much, more.

Sneak In Exercise

  • When you’re sitting at the computer, suck in your abs like someone was tying a corset around your waist. Hold as long as you can.
  • While standing in line, stand on your tiptoes and hold as long as you can.
  • When taking a walk with your family, wear 3-5 pound ankle weights.
  • During commercials, drop down and do 15 push ups.
  • When talking on the phone, do Kegel exercises. Pull in your PC muscle as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat continually.
  • When doing the laundry, squeeze in your butt muscles tight.
  • If you have stairs, run up the stairs instead of walking. You can also take them two at a time.
  • When washing dishes, kick one leg back as far as you can and hold. Switch legs and repeat.
  • When driving, do neck and shoulder rolls while waiting at stoplights.
  • When it’s appropriate, fidget. Constantly moving around will actually burn calories.

It’s easy to take a routine activity and turn it into an opportunity to do brief exercises. If you do this all day long, you will be burning calories and getting stronger one activity at a time. Be creative and make exercise a way of life.

Inner Thigh Exercises

The Inner Thigh Firmer

Lie down on the mat on your left side with your head inactive on a small pillow or a rolled up towel to make sure your head, hips and shoulders are in the correct alignment. Then bend your right leg and relax it on the ground while you are straightening your other leg out, leaving it on the ground. Gradually lift your left leg approximately 6″, keep it there for a few seconds then slowly lower it while starting the next lift before your foot reaches the ground. Once you have done that ten times, roll over to your right side and do the same thing. Do two sets of exactly ten lifts with each of your legs.

Inner Thigh Firmer With Help

Lie flat on your back on an exercise mat with a large pillow between your lower legs. Squeeze your legs together, applying pressure to both sides of the pillow. Keep this position for five seconds and repeat ten times. This exercise may be done standing or sitting but is normally performed lying flat on your back. Do two sets of ten repetitions.

Exercising at the gym

A great piece of gym equipment for the inner thighs is the Cable Adductor Machine. You sit with your back flush against the machine, holding the handles on each side of you, pressing your feet and legs against the foam pads in front of you. Slowly bring your legs together, keep that position for a moment then go back to the starting position. Some machines have different settings that will allow you to move your legs wider apart, but don’t go too wide, especially if you are a beginner. It is important that your keep your back and legs against the machine. You could also warm up your muscles first using a lightweight before your training weight; this will help you to not injury yourself during practice.

Many women ask how they will know when the exercises are taking effect on the thighs, this would be when you start to feel that your muscles are burning or straining during exercises. When it feels like you have to stop because you can’t go on anymore, this is called moderate intensity, and the exercises are working. But after that stage you will reach the high intensity stage that will make you feel like you have to stop, you cannot continue and when you feel that you need to stop for a while and give your legs some rest.

Obesity Gains Momentum

Well, sadly that includes our poor eating habits followed up by an anemic fitness program individually. Our children will be facing an enemy unforeseen in previous generations. In order for developing countries to stimulate their economies they must provide jobs, food and infrastructure. As they develop, just as we have seen, their family units become more and more detached from their socializing. Slowly but surely you evolve as a two income family. With children as the victims when it comes to a healthy nutritional fuel intake.

Progress takes victims of all color, shape, religion and age. It really doesn’t care. If you buy-in to exceeding amongst your peers and above well it just drives towards the inevitable conclusion that you must have more stuff. So, why this direction when we started out chatting about Obesity? Neglect. Our children become the victims of our success or failure and neglect sets in. In a two parent working family or even a single parent family structure there just isn’t enough time in the day to offer a well balanced meal plan striving all the proper food groups.

Fast food here we come. With it, obesity 101 sets in quickly. It doesn’t show up all at once and in fact it takes months to establish itself and set its roots in your habits. Oh yes, and it has many friends from common inflammation all the way to type 2 diabetes. It knows no enemies and welcomes all who succumb to its plan.

Modern science has taken great steps in helping to curb chronic illness and make living with diabetes a possibility but we need to look deeper. Is there a way to re-direct our energies towards a true prevention? We believe there truly is a way. If you follow Doctor Perricone and his belief that exercise and a well balanced nutritional diet are our keys to success then if you over-exercise each day you create nice deficits. When is the last time you heard deficits spoken and it was a good thing?

Well when looking at obesity it’s all about deficit eating obtained from a routine of exercises. They don’t have to require capital investments or memberships in your local gym. We highly encourage you join a gym just the same. We recommend to anyone that is listening or reading this note that you invest in a pedometer. These little devices measure your total steps taken over time. Why you ask? Because we need a push and we need to know that what we are doing is working or improving shall we say our present situation of battling obesity. By monitoring your steps you can determine during the day if you are meeting your goals. Dr. Perricone suggests a 10,000 step a day program. Sounds impossible? Not at all. You can achieve this in less than ninety minutes of a nice paced walk in the morning or evening. This can be broken into two walks per day if you don’t have the time. But don’t miss a beat.

You see, as you begin this program your body begins to change. It begins to learn how you are burning calories differently and thus will increase your metabolism and fat management over time. Not over night but soon. After ninety days of continuous exercise you will not only make your daily goals of 10,000 steps but your body will burn fat and thus calories more efficiently. Your blood sugar rates will improve as excess weight leads to type two diabetes more often than not. Two walks per day combined with normal every day events of movement and walking and you will see results. Monitor your daily food intake and think about a healthy natural juice drink such as Mona Vie and their outstanding Acai berry product! Enjoy your new found body! We know your internal organs will thank you.

Vibrating Platform Works

Users sit, stand or workout on a vibrating training machine. The vibration plate then begins to vibrate between thirty to fifty times per second. These rapid movements causes the muscles to stretch and your body responds by contracting those muscles. In the mean time, the machine is back to the first place and this stretch/contract process goes on. So, you can easily gain around fifty muscle contractions per second. This type of workout is not possible with other training machines and this is where the vibrating platform stands out.

With other machines, the muscle contraction rate is far less. You have to workout for hours to notice the kind of results you see after using the vibration plate for some minutes. This cuts down workout time and is great for those who with busy routines. Also, conventional exercise equipment only works 40% of the muscles whilst a vibrating plate helps to work muscles by 100%. The effect of this is that, you will notice quick regeneration of tissues and increase in bone density.

Many people including athletes and the elderly find that they can use the vibration plate without fear of injuring themselves. This is because other exercise machines use extra weights to build resistance whilst vibration machines use acceleration. The result of this is that people who cannot lift weights can still strengthen their body. This is useful for those people who do not want to wight-train but still want to increase their overall body strength.

Apart from strengthening the muscles, the vibration platform also burns calories and fat. The rapid vibrating movements help to get rid of subcutaneous fat and increase caloric usage. This helps people to lose weight without intensive and exhaustive workouts. Since you can use this vibrating platform anywhere, you can easily workout whilst watching TV or doing any other activity. This makes it a convenient way to stay fit and active without the need to head over to the gym.