Circuit Training at Home

Some Basic Equipment for a Home Circuit Routine

Many circuit routines don’t require any equipment. However, if you are able to purchase the following basics, you can implement them into your workouts to help increase your fat burning potential.

  • Set of dumbbells
  • Stability ball
  • Bench
  • Resistance bands

There are tons of circuit training routines that you can perform using the above basic fitness tools. Once you have learned a few routines, you will be amazed at how intense a workout you can get right at home. This is a big benefit for time-crunched individuals or those who don’t like gyms.

Benefits of Circuit Training

Studies have shown that including circuit training workouts into your routine burns fat more effectively than slow, study, boring cardio workouts. You can also save time performing circuit training. The exercises are performed back to back with little rest in between sets, your workouts are can be completed in as little as 30 to 45 minutes. With proper nutrition, you can build strength and lose weight with a minimum of 3 workouts per week.

The boredom you may experience with typical cardio exercises is no longer an issue. You can get a great workout in less time, at any time, and almost any place. Circuits can be done at the gym, at home, in the park, at the beach, or wherever you choose.

Strength is also improved with continuous use of circuit training. You will begin to notice an improvement in daily activities as well as improvement in basic body weight exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups. I feel like I get a much better workout using circuit training compared to running for 2 miles. While I still like to run, I use circuits with my own body weight to improve my overall strength.