Free Workout for Men

In order to burn calories and increase muscle mass, it is recommended that the following weightlifting exercises are implemented: shoulder, chest, and leg press, as well as squats. You should adhere to the following advices to ensure that you are performing your workouts appropriately:

  • Concentrate on form
  • Utilize multi-joint movements
  • Master the technique
  • Begin warmup sets
  • Allow each muscle to do its own work
  • Limit the number of sets
  • 10-minute cool down
  • Allow up to 10 days rest between workouts
  • Perform cardio workouts after weight-training exercises
  • Keep a record of your progress
  • Alternate use of equipment
  • Work different muscle groups every session
  • Consume up to 3,000 in calories a week

Whether you exercise on your own or use a personal trainer, begin slowly and work up to a comfort level before advancing to the next phase. It is advisable to begin training on the large muscles first, then moving on to the smaller muscles as the energy required for them is less. In addition, to avoid injury the best advice is to always pay attention to the messages your body is sending out. If you are tired, stop; if your back is hurt; stop. Use your common sense, don’t try to over exert your body.

Finally, stretching before the workout to warm your body and stretching after the workout to cool down are two very important routines to remember. Stretching will reduce the risk of injury during a workout.