Lose Fat in Your Face

To lose weight your diet should be one low in calories and low in fats. Find the number of calories you need per day according to your height and age. And then subtract 500 calories from fat. This is how many calories you need per day to lose weight. Divide this number of calories in half and you have the number of calories you should have each day. Fifty percent of your daily calories should come from complex carbohydrates, 30% from lean meats poultry and fish with the remainder derived from unsaturated fats.

Aerobic exercise is necessary for losing weigh. You can lose weight without exercise but you will lose weight more quickly and be healthier if you include exercise in your weight loss plan. Aerobic exercise three to four times a week for at least half an hour a session will burn calories and fat and raise your metabolism so that you burn calories and fat even while you are resting. Anaerobic exercise, such as resistance weight training and strengthening Pilates exercises will make your muscles stronger and aid in removing fat from them.

Here are some exercises reputed to help lose fat from your face and to strengthen your facial muscles. It is best to use a mirror when doing most of these exercises to ensure that you were doing them correctly.

For the areas around your eyes, relax and close your eyes, look down and then look up as far as possible. Repeat this ten times. Next, again with your eyes closed, lift your eyebrows and stretch your eyelids down as far as possible. Holds this for five counts, relax and repeat this five times. With your eyes open, look up and then down while keeping your head still, repeats this ten times, then looked left and then right, and repeat ten times.

Frown as much as possible and try to bring your eyebrows over your eyes while pulling the eyebrows toward one another. Then lift your eyebrows as far as possible while opening your eyes as far as possible as well. Repeat this five times. Lie on your back on a bed, hanging your head over the edge. Raise your eyebrows as high as possible, and open your eyes very wide. Relax and repeat ten times. Sit upright and while bringing your eyebrows down over your eyelids, wrinkle your nose as far up as possible while flaring your nostrils. Keep for a count of ten. Relax and repeat five times.

Stick out the tip of your tongue and pull in your cheeks. Hold for just a couple of seconds and relax. Raise your lower lip over your upper lip and try to touch it to your nose. Smiling as widely as you can, try to touch the tip of your tongue to your nose.

Losing weight and fat takes time so be patient with yourself and your body, stick to it and you will soon have the look you want without plastic surgery or liposuction.