Lose Love Handles

  • Perform interval cardio workouts — A lot of people make the mistake of performing long cardio workouts at a steady pace. This is a mistake. Doing interval cardio training burns off a lot more fat and also works the abdominal muscles which also helps with those love handles. Interval cardio is done by alternating between a few moments of intense cardio, like running at a fast pace, and then slowing down for a few minutes to a much less intense segment like power walking. Repeating this sequence a few times each workout will burn off maximum body fat and reduce your love handles.
  • Do complete strength exercises — Many people make the mistake of avoiding working out certain areas of their bodies. Performing full body strength and resistance exercises will increase your overall muscle mass. More muscle mass burns off more fat each minute (because muscle mass burns the most calories in order to sustain itself). Full body workouts will also get your heart rate way up and will get those fat deposits to melt off.
  • Watch what you eat — In order to lose those love handles, you need to cut down on your fat and empty calorie intake. Cut down on sugary sodas, pastries, fast food, fried food, and fatty dishes. Lowering your fat intake will get your body to burn fat deposits like those that are making your love handles.
  • Work your abs — You need to work your abs, especially your obliques (the abs muscles that run down both sides of your abdomen). Increasing abdominal muscle mass will make it appear firmer and slimmer.
  • Drink enough water — You need to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day. I know it may seem difficult but having enough water causes your body to function better and burn off more calories. It also prevents water retention.
  • Sleep at least 7 hours each night — Our body develops muscle mass while it sleeps; more muscle mass means more burned off calories and fat. Do you see where I’m going with this? If you don’t sleep enough, you will not develop the maximum muscle mass and burn off less fat.