Lose Stomach Fat

You’ll be glad to know that in the last few years there has been some great breakthroughs when it comes down to rapid fat loss – & great arguments such as, is cardio actually good for you. Also such statements as ab exercises will not burn of of!

Well I personally have some some extensive research on these topics and will say that firstly ab exercises will not get rid of your stomach fat, what they will do though is build the abdominal muscle.

If you still have a fair bit of fat on your stomach it does not matter how big your stomach muscles are as they are still going to be hidden under a layer of fat. So your core focus should be on getting rid of the fat as you already have abs, believe me they are there. There just hidden under your fat!

OK so how do you get rid of this fat you ask?

I highly recommend a mix of interval training and resistance training & correct eating. If you set yourself up with a game plan to involve all three into your life you will experience some massive results in short period of time.

Interval training – consists of doing a exercise with different levels of intensity to shock the body, as our body does not benefit from having to endure i activity over long stretches of time. If you hop onto some sort of cardio machine i would always suggest selecting random instead of traditional settings.

I highly recommend you get yourself educated in methods for interval and resistance training + learn as much as possible about natural methods to boost your metabolism.