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Physical Health

So much has been written about the subject of physical health in the categories of health and wellness, diet and weight loss, fitness and bodybuilding etc. In this article I will primarily deal with physical health in its internal aspect which includes building a healthy immune system, detoxifying the body, healthy and quick elimination, and nourishing the cells with proper nutrition. Aging itself can be slowed down by keeping the internal aspect of our physical health up to par. Wouldn’t you love to have a healthy, youthful, energetic, strong, lean body which is free of disease, sickness and pain well into adulthood beyond the age of 40? It all narrows down to what type of food we put into our bodies – either food filled with toxins and poisons, or healthy, living, vital food.

Mark and Patti Virkler, in their inspiring book “Eden’s Health Plan – Go Natural” write:

“Food is intended to furnish the body with all the live elements needed for the regeneration of its cells and tissues. If the body fails to be healthy, the lack or deficiency of regenerative elements in the food is the cause of, and the

Safely Do the Reverse Crunch

The reverse crunch is an easy to do exercise which doesn’t require any equipment. Just find a carpet or mat to lie on and you can do this exercise perfectly. The reverse crunch is not a difficult exercise but it’s a good place to start your quest to a flat stomach.

Here is how you should perform the reverse crunch:

  • Start Position: Lie on the floor with both legs folded, but keep your feet slightly off the floor. Both legs should be relaxed. Keep both hands palm down at both sides of your body close to your pelvis.
  • Movement: Contract your lower abs by bringing your folded knees tight to your stomach. Slowly separate your knees from your stomach but keep them slightly off the floor. Repeat.


  1. Keep your lower back flat on the floor at all time to avoid exerting pressure on your back
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your abs
  3. If you want to create an extra intensity in this exercise, strap some leg weights to your ankles and perform the exercise.

The reverse crunch can be highly effective if done correctly. I suggest that you incorporate it into your

Pre and Post Workout Protein

After analyzing my clients’ food logs, the next step is to have each client start to learn how to eat smaller portions throughout the day and make an effort to eat the right amounts during those times. This process will increase the body’s ability to burn the food as fuel rather than store the food as fat.

If you read my articles regularly you know I endorse a circuit training or interval training type mentality. I firmly believe that this style of training increases the body’s ability to burn fat, it makes working out more fun, less monotonous and it challenges your body and mind without overwhelming it.

When you start to get into the 30-45 second intervals you learn that if you really push yourself for short bursts of time, you feel more energetic, you get stronger and you see changes on your body you used to only dream about. To get the most out of any training, but specifically circuit and interval training you need to pay attention to what you put into your body before and after your workouts.

There have been so many studies about this topic that all you really

Water Exercises

If nice firm and toned arms have always been something that you wanted, here is an exercise that can help you accomplish this. Begin by standing up straight in the water with your arms extended. Place a ball in front of you and push it downward in a figure eight with your hands while breathing rhythmically. This is a great workout that will provide great results. Everyone has done jumping jacks at some point. These can also be done as a water exercise as well. The water provides a resistance when performing this exercise that gives you a great workout.

Stretching exercises are great anytime for strengthening your muscles and making them more flexible. They should be done before you do any other type of exercise to prevent damage to your body, even when you are performing water exercises. Doing stretch exercises in water can help to improve your overall condition and help to improve your strength and flexibility. Always breathe in when you are extending your arms outward and breathe out when you bring them back in. Wall exercises are another one that you can do in water to help strengthen your muscles. The water helps

Facts About Cellulite

Figuring things out later on in life is ok, at least you figured it out, but having the ability to figure some things about earlier on in your life, will definitely be something that works out much better. Get your life in order. Sit down and try to write down a list of things that you hate about yourself, then take the time out to write down a list of things that you like/love about yourself. Look at that list really closely for a moment or two and spend the rest of your day just trying to take it all in, so that you can start figuring some things out for yourself sooner rather than later. Cellulite is not a medical condition that is going to kill you, it is not a disease, it is really nothing for you to be overly concerned about.

Yes, if something makes you unhappy you should make every attempt to correct the issue, if there is something that you can do about it. For the things that are completely out of your control, leave it alone, forget about it for awhile, start focusing on the things in your life that you

Washboard Abs

Quick washboard abs must necessarily start with a change to your diet. Any foods with high fat content, low or inefficient protein structures and not enough fiber can be devastating to your abs. Eating a high protein diet is not enough, and you need to balance that protein with a lot of fruit and as little fat as you can. If you eat protein and fat together, your body would much rather use the fat for fuel than the protein, and you will not be able to make use of all of that protein you are eating.

The key to getting quick washboard abs is to eat a high-protein, low-carb meal at least two hours before you exercise. A piece or two of fruit should accompany this, to give you enough energy and sugar to want to exercise in the first place! A protein shake made of whey protein is an excellent way to prep for your workout, but make sure you eat nothing for an hour before you hit the gym. Your after meal workout is also essential, because your body has used up a lot of its fuel breaking down your muscles, and needs more

Rotator Cuff Stretches

The tendons of the rotator cuff are made of tough fibrous connective tissue similar to connective tissue located elsewhere in the body. The rotator cuff tendons sit on top of the humerus and permit movement in all directions. Combining repetitive use with the aging process and stressful sports is a recipe for significant rotator cuff injury. As people get older, the tendons that comprise the rotator cuff become more prone to injury and degeneration.

Because of the wide range of motion that the shoulder joint has, plus the amount of work that the shoulder has to do doing activities in daily living, the rotator cuff becomes prone to overuse and injury. Trauma, particularly falls are also a common cause of rotator cuff injury. Even a modestly injured rotator cuff can slow or shut down the function of a shoulder.

Some sports, in particular golf, cause high levels of strain on the rotator cuff and commonly result in rotator cuff injury. Rotator cuff injuries impede a golf swing, and if you have ever injured a rotator cuff muscle you know how debilitating an injury it can be. Regular effective rotator cuff exercise will help you to build

Jogging For Beginners

I am now aged 53 and have been jogging for over 30 years man and boy, so I hope my experience and knowledge can help you to begin your first steps to jogging and enjoy the fun and freedom it brings. The very first thing you need to do is check that you have no underlying medical condition that may affect your physical wellbeing when it comes to jogging. If you are not sure I strongly suggest you get a once over and clearance from your medical practitioner as a matter of course.

The second thing I strongly recommend is the purchase of a good pair of jogging shoes. There are many brands to choose from (I personally wear Nike air) but make sure no matter what the brand name is you select the right pair of shoes that fit well and are made for jogging. As jogging shoes are designed in such a way as to help reduce the stress factor on your body during the running motion. In terms of outfits don’t forget you are going jogging and not on a fashion show, so you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on tops and

Roller Shoes

Roller shoes rely on wheels that are housed within the heel of a normal shoe. By shifting
their weight to the heel of the shoe, heelers are able to smoothly transition from a walk or run
into coasting. This type of skating is referred to as heeling, and at first glance it appears as
if the heeler is simply gliding along without a care in the world and very little physical
effort involved. If you’ve seen this, you might have assumed that these roller shoes are skates
for the lazy, but upon a closer inspection, you will come to realize that there is a lot more to
these skate shoes than just a casual roll down the sidewalk.

When I bought my first pair, I envisioned myself gliding along like I had seen the kids in my
local mall do a million times. The last experience I had with skating at all was nearly twenty
years ago. A boy in that age range during the late 80s, I owned a second rate skateboard and a
longing for half-pipes and “freestyling.” Even then, I never was that good at it, but it
certainly preoccupied a lot of my

Walking Exercise Works Wonders

Perhaps you can see why walking rather than driving work might be a safer option, if you have the choice to do so. In addition, to eliminating your chances of being involved in an auto accident, it also enables you to have some time to chill out both before and after work. It gets your blood going and your oxygen flowing, which helps your body rid itself of joint and muscle stiffness that comes from sitting at your desk all day. Finally, it saves you a little bit of cash, money with which you can buy a nice pair of walking shoes. If you have the opportunity to walk to work, do. You don’t have to jump in with both feet. Start out by walking just one or two days. See how you feel. Give your body a chance to adjust to the change. Add a day every two weeks until you are walking to work everyday.

Some of you definitely have jobs that require you to dress up. Walking for two or three miles in high heels, a three-piece suit, or a wool skirt is hardly advisable. If at all possible, save your shower until after