Bicep Training

You should be able to work your biceps in 30 minutes which leaves plenty of time for some cardio training or you may want to work your triceps immediately following your biceps routine. I like to work my biceps and triceps during the same workout each week. I hit biceps first for 30 minutes and then I hit my triceps for 30 minutes and then there is no need to work arms until the following week.

Many people like to work each body part 2 times per week but I feel that is not necessary for the average person. When you exercise with weights you are tearing down your muscles which requires a lot of rest for them to recover and grow.

Your muscles do not grow in the gym, they grow and become stronger when they are being rested outside of the gym. Because our biceps are being torn down they need protein to grow and become stronger. You will need to eat a fairly healthy diet high in protein and moderate carbohydrates to fuel your muscles so that they will grow and become stronger.

For the average person we should be ingesting around

About Track Workouts

Essentially, running will become easier for you because your body will be conditioned by the stress of a track workout. Soon you will be able to run faster, and perhaps farther, with less effort!

Your First Track Workout

  1. To get started, head to your local high school track and come prepared with a plan. Each lap equals one quarter of a mile, so beginners should keep the workout short.
  2. Start by jogging half a lap and then sprinting the remainder. After your sprint, you should either slowly jog or even walk another half to full lap to allow yourself to catch your breath.
  3. Repeat this process 2-3 times until you feel like you cannot possibly do this again.

Congratulations, you have just completed your first track workout!! As it becomes easier, gradually increase the distance that you sprint. Take note of how many sets you are doing so that you can track your improvement and monitor your performance.

Although it might be tempting, do not skip your weekly track workouts. These enable you to become stronger not only physically, but also mentally. If you know you can push yourself to your limit for just a quarter

Simple Home Training Ideas

Bench Step-Up

The step-up is a great exercise for training the muscles in the legs. This exercise can also be performed on a park bench. Stand close to the bench to eliminate forward momentum. Place one foot on the bench with heel flat. Step up by driving the heel into the bench. When you step down, do so slowly and under control. If this exercise is too easy, it can be made more difficult by reducing the push off from the grounded leg, or stepping onto a higher object. If you are finding it difficult, push off more from the ground, step to a lower object or use a small amount of forward momentum to start the movement.


A basic exercise most people are familiar with, the press-up is a good way to train the pressing muscles of the upper body. Place hands just wider than shoulder width apart, tuck the elbows slightly and lower as far as you can. Ensure that you are keeping the torso solid, and a straight line through the shoulders hips and knees. To make this exercise harder, you can elevate your feet using a bench. To make it

Info of Exercise Favoritism

You too will have exercises that you put on the back burner. That is just the problem. Most of you spend too long doing exercises that you don’t really need, because you’re quite good at them already. What most of you should be doing is focusing on the weaker areas of your bodies, the muscle groups that actually need some strength and conditioning work!

Most people spend too long working on the mirror muscles – muscles that can be seen in the mirror; the chest, arms, shoulders, abs and front of thighs. Spend a little more time on the back of the body, with exercises like dumbbell rows, deadlifts, single leg squats and pull ups, and you’ll start to improve your posture and increase your exercise library. A good start is to follow this rule; for every exercise you do that involves pushing, try to add in 2 exercises that require a pulling motion.

While you ignore these important muscles they’ll remain weaker and their correlating exercises will always seem like hard work that should be avoided. Your posture will suffer and you will end up looking slightly ‘unbalanced’. If you’re in doubt as to what needs work

Lose Fat Around Stomach

Women especially have problems with being apple shaped around their midsection because that’s where females store the bulk of the fat they carry. Of course, some women pack it on their thighs hips or butt, but even these women have at least a little pooch in front. Some people, men and women, have such large stomachs that the only place their clothing fits is at the waistline, and bags and sags everywhere else! They would look and feel so much better if they could lose the extra baggage!

If you’re one of these people, you may be wondering where to start this marvelous transformation. Diet, diet, diet, is the answer! You don’t have to starve yourself, just eat sensibly. You can cut an amazing number of calories just by trimming excess fat and skin from meat and poultry before cooking it! All fats have twice the calories of other foods and saturated fats, as in animal fats, most dairy products and shortening are rife with everything you need to have a stroke, heart attack or diabetes. In order to lose weight, which you must do to lose fat, cut your calories by at least 200 per day,

Slimmer and Better Posture

If you’ve ever noticed guys at the swimming pool or beach stick out their chest and suck in their stomach as a beautiful woman walks by, you already know that pulling the shoulders back has a slimming effect. Not only that, but technically it’s also better posture. In this day and age, our bodies have gotten so used to sitting behind a desk and slouching on the couch that bad posture just comes naturally. If you work on strengthening the upper back and shoulders, not only can you improve your posture by pulling the shoulders down and back, but also create a slimming effect at the same time.

There are three basic rules to improve your posture and your looks:

  • Think about your posture all the time. If you keep your posture on your mind, you will consciously keep your shoulders down and back. Whether in your car, behind your desk, or in front of your big screen, think about what you are doing with your posture.
  • Don’t do so much chest work in your workouts. Women don’t usually have this problem since they tend to balance their strength training routines better. Men tend to

Free Workout for Men

In order to burn calories and increase muscle mass, it is recommended that the following weightlifting exercises are implemented: shoulder, chest, and leg press, as well as squats. You should adhere to the following advices to ensure that you are performing your workouts appropriately:

  • Concentrate on form
  • Utilize multi-joint movements
  • Master the technique
  • Begin warmup sets
  • Allow each muscle to do its own work
  • Limit the number of sets
  • 10-minute cool down
  • Allow up to 10 days rest between workouts
  • Perform cardio workouts after weight-training exercises
  • Keep a record of your progress
  • Alternate use of equipment
  • Work different muscle groups every session
  • Consume up to 3,000 in calories a week

Whether you exercise on your own or use a personal trainer, begin slowly and work up to a comfort level before advancing to the next phase. It is advisable to begin training on the large muscles first, then moving on to the smaller muscles as the energy required for them is less. In addition, to avoid injury the best advice is to always pay attention to the messages your body is sending out. If

Lose Neck Fat

A thick neck could be caused by being overweight, or by genetic predisposition. In the latter case the only thing you can do is exercise the neck muscles to tighten and tone them.

Because you can’t spot reduce fat or weight loss, you must implement an overall body diet and exercise program. Your diet should consist of high fiber complex carbohydrate foods, lean meats, unsaturated fats and plenty of water, while avoiding sugars and saturated and Trans fats.

Whole grain breads and cereals and brown rice, and yams are all high fiber, complex carbs foods. Leafy green vegetables are and excellent source of fiber. Eat raw or lightly steamed vegetables to preserve nutrients and stay away from butter, dips and fatty sauces. The closer vegetables are to their natural state, the better they are for you.

Boxed and frozen meals often aren’t as good for you as they may claim. As with fast foods, they are usually high in Trans fats, sodium and sugar, not to mention that they are loaded with fat calories. If you must eat fast food, order a salad. Many fast food restaurants now carry delicious salads, and although the meat

Online Workout Programs

First of fall, write out what you want to accomplish by the end of it. There is nothing that kills a goal faster than not having it written doing on paper. This is why the vast majority of people fail to ever achieve their fitness target. Knowing it in your head is not enough;

Most importantly, when you have written your goals written out, make sure to place them in an area you can view them often. When the going gets tough, often times just a mere glance at the goal and what you want to achieve by the end is enough to rejuvenate you and keep you going.

Another important tip: make sure your goal is measurable. Don’t just say, “I want to get in shape”. There is no way of measuring this. Instead, you might say, I want to lose 25 pounds by the end of the year, or I want to shave 1 second off my time in the 40 yard dash.

No matter what your goal may be, make absolutely sure it is clearly measurable so that you know where you stand in relation to it. Also, set a date for

About Tight Abs

Just think about it, how many times have you looked jealously at a person sporting a truly formed and well cut set of tight abs? How many times have you wished it was you, and how many times have you virtually made it out of your easygoing chair and to the gym to get started on your destination only to fall back down because it was too much trouble Too many times, right?

There’s nothing to strange about if this scenario even remotely knowledgeable to you, there are more people out there than you think who are going through the same thing as you are. You know you have the destination of getting tight abs, now if only you can find the want required to set the wheels in motion on this particular goal, you will be on your way to acquiring those tight abs.

However, and this is likely one of the things which put you off to begin with, you should know from the beginning on out that it will take a little hard work on your part in order to make this work, and in order for you to get to your destination