Fitness in Your Hands

  • Our heart pumps blood to the whole body therefore it is essential that we keep our heart healthy. It should work at its maximum capacity for at least 20-30 minutes every day. Do anything that totally exhausts you for 20 minutes. You can brisk walk, run or climb stairs instead of taking an elevator. Exhausting your heart for 20-30 minutes per day keeps your energy level high all day.
  • Join a gym or any other exercise program which you can follow regularly. Working out daily or at least 4 times a week not only keep you physically fit but also frees you of stress and tension.
  • If joining a gym or going to gym is not possible regularly, buy fitness equipments and exercise at home whenever you get time. Moderate exercise can be done anytime of the day. Treadmills or exercise bikes and many other types of equipment are quite effective in keeping you fit. Investing on fitness equipments is always better than to spend money on treatments later.
  • Make exercise your part of life, like using stairs instead of elevator or parking your car some distance away so that you need to walk to

Ways to Make Exercise a Habit

You will feel uncomfortable initially

Exercise do not need to be painful, but if you have neglected your body, do not expect it to be easy. Exercise is a serious commitment. You cannot get into shape without exerting some real efforts and, perhaps, without experiencing some discomfort. It is not wise to listen to the commercials saying, “Just five minutes a day, and you can do this on the couch while watching your favorite program!”

Moderate your pace

You do not have to go out to buy every exercise video on the market or try to weigh yourself every hour at the fitness center on the first day. This is one sure way to dampen your enthusiasm. It is always advisable keep yourself hungry for more.

Join a fitness center or join a friend

Take the initiative to find workout buddies by joining an exercise class at your fitness center, or a local running group that has a training program. If you make an appointment to meet your friend at the club, you are committed show up.

Your exercise buddies can push you to the next level. Alternatively put on your fitness

Exercises For Obliques

One of the best, and hardest, exercises for the obliques is the Sideways Cable Crunch. This exercise alone can get you great results in your obliques, both in terms of strength and in terms of appearance.

Unfortunately you can’t perform the Sideways Cable Crunch at home, unless you have a cable pulley. Most of us have to go to the gym.

Here’s how the Sideways Cable Crunch is performed:

Start Position: Kneel on the floor and hold the cable pulley close to your head with one hand. The other hand should be held at your side.

Movement: Set a weight you feel comfortable with. Pull the cable pulley downwards diagonally while twisting your body to the side. Make sure to twist to the opposite side from the hand which is holding the cable pulley. Slowly raise yourself until your back is at a slightly elevated angle. Switch sides. Repeat.


  1. Don’t allow your knees to leave the floor
  2. Keep your head and neck straight
  3. Close your eyes and focus on your muscles

Don’t make the Sideways Cable Crunch the only obliques exercise in your workout session. Your results will be maximized if you

Cardio and Strength Training

Increased General Health

As you mix cardio exercise and strength training, you are effectively training your ligaments, joints, and muscles together with both your lungs and heart. Exercising in this way will help you to build up a much better overall healthier body, enhance your posture, sturdiness, flexibility, and even balance. This will impact on your exercising sessions as well as in your daily life.

Faster Weight Loss

Mixing both of these exercise routines enhances the total intensity of your training period. This will lead to greater fat burning in the course of the training and likewise after your exercise sessions.

This is because of the strength training that would have exhausted glycogen from the muscle tissues. On the other hand, the degree of this effect is dependent on the general intensity of the strength workouts.

This is definitely one of the many benefits of training this way. The outcome is that your system will continue to burn up body fat for energy while you are sleeping on your couch!

Reach Your Fitness Goals

The actual fact is that if you combine cardio and strength training together in an intelligent way,

Holy Grail of Fitness

It’s you… The Holy Grail of Fitness is YOU. That’s right…no program, product, or course in the world can equal the power in which you have. The only thing that defines what shape or condition you’re in is you. How you use you is entirely up to you. You can buy the latest course, get advice from a local fitness instructor, you can even go out and purchase the latest, high tech body-building machinery. But if you don’t do anything with these resources, you’ve done nothing but waste your time and money.

You know those fitness ebooks that promise to make you stronger, faster, and healthier? Most of the refunds come from people that didn’t do anything with the knowledge they received. They practically read the book sitting on their arse, and then ask for a refund when they don’t get the results that they were promised in the quoted time by the author.

You are the creator of your own life. Knowledge without application is nothing but useless information. After you get the knowledge, you must be willing to take inspired action toward your fitness goals. It doesn’t work any other way.

Sorry if I’ve disappointed you, but what I’ve


I had no intention of giving up bodybuilding, but determined to remedy my dilemma. On a hunch that resistance training could add fullness to my face in the same way it did to my body, I decided to convert each Isometric exercise into an exercise using resistance. This was the beginning of Facialbuilding

Knowing what it took to increase muscle density (fullness), I knew resistance training would be far more aggressive than the facial training I had been doing. This took a lot of nerve on my part since I, too, had been duped into thinking any handling of the face could prove detrimental. When I described my new training technique, which I dubbed ‘Facialbuilding’ as “an extension of bodybuilding”, fellow trainers thought I was out of my mind. Frankly, I wasn’t so sure they weren’t on to something.

Much to my relief, my hunch paid off. A very short time proved facial muscles to be every bit as responsive to resistance training as the rest of the body. My face was still thin, but with the extra lift and firmness, I went from gaunt to a healthier more athletic look. That’s when it became perfectly clear why

Perform Flexibility Exercises

Stretch The Tissues

Stretch the tissues that feel tight. Not every part of your body needs to be stretched. For some joints, you just need to maintain the range of motion you already have.

Avoid Bouncing

Never bounce or force a stretch. Apply gradual pressure and move gently through your comfort zone until you feel some tension or a slight stretch.

Hold And Move

For some exercises, you will hold a position for 20 to 30 seconds as you relax and breathe naturally, and then repeat the exercise three to five times. For other exercises, you will move back and forth between two positions for 20 repetitions, holding a stretch for 20 to 30 seconds on the last repetition.

Warm Up And Cool Down

Use stretching to warm you up and cool you down. You can use flexibility exercises in warm ups and cool downs as part of a general conditioning exercise program. They will help you to avoid soreness and injury from exercising.

Stretch For Pain Control

Use stretching for comfort and pain control. Most people obtain pan control by performing flexibility exercises every day or even several

Tone Up Flabby Arms

You Cannot Spot Reduce the back of the Arms

There is no such thing as spot reduction for any part of the body and this is important to know. Even if you did push-ups until the cows came home, you would still have flabby arms if you did not reduce your overall body fat. Don’t waste a lot of time with exercise unless you adjust your diet – which leads to the next important point.

Body Fat Reduction is Key

When you have a layer of fat surrounding your muscles, there is no way for tone and definition to appear. You must adjust your diet by cutting back on high fat, high calorie, junk foods and focus on healthy foods like fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and good fats (EFA’s – essential fatty acids.) No exercise plan in the world will work for you unless you change your eating habits for the better. Find out what a healthy body fat percentage is for you and work towards it. Only then will all of your hard work exercising pay off to rid yourself of the flab in the back of your arms.

Useful Arm Exercises

Exercise Regularly

Starting an exercise program is not one of the easiest things to do. But continuing to do an exercise program is probably the hardest of the two.

One tip is to make a friendly wager with a group of friends. Each of you have to workout together, and if you miss a workout you have to pay all the other members the wager amount. So if you make it $20 and you have 3 friends in the group and you miss a workout, you would have to pay $60 for each workout you miss.

The point of this is to stay motivated. If it costs you $60 for each workout you miss, you’re going to be motivated not to miss one.

The way to exercise regularly is to make it a habit. It takes about 30 days to form a new habit. So if you can exercise for 30 days then you can make it a habit and then it will stick with you for the rest of your life.

One way to get started is get up an extra 30 minutes early in the morning and go for a jog. Jog for 15 minutes

Value Of Abdominal Exercise During Pregnancy

Abdominal exercise during pregnancy may sound a bit drastic, but actually yields good results, as the abdominal muscles play a major role during labor. Abdominal exercise during pregnancy reduces the diastasis recti effect, where the abdominal muscles get separated, a common event during pregnancies. They also reduce back pains, as abdominal exercises not only strengthen the abdomen area, but the back as well.

On vanity’s side, abdominal exercises during pregnancy improves a pregnant woman’s look, which is “carried over” after the pregnancy period.

One thing to note about abdominal exercise during pregnancy would be to first consult the doctor before engaging in any abdominal exercise. Most doctors tell pregnant women never to engage in “lying facing up” exercises during the first trimester of the pregnancy period. Finding the ideal, meaning safe yet effective, abdominal exercise during pregnancy could prove to be difficult, as one pregnant woman’s physique differs from another, so it is highly advisable to consult the doctor first. Chances are, he or she would have a number of “tailor cut” exercise routines to share.

The benefits of abdominal exercise during pregnancy include a pregnant woman’s improved resistance to fatigue, improved posture, lesser gaining