Post Partum Ab Exercises

Progressive Crunchless Crunch

This post partum ab exercise will help you work your abs the same way as traditional crunches but avoiding the strain in the neck.

  • Sit on a chair, with on hand above the bellybutton and one below to let you feel the contractions.
  • Expand your midsection with a big deep breath.
  • Breathe out while pulling your belly in towards your spine.
  • Briefly contract your abdominal muscles 5 times.
  • Repeat for an entire set.


  • Sit on a chair like with the progressive crunchless crunch.
  • Breathe deeply to open your midsection.
  • Exhale and bring your belly halfway to your spine.
  • Pull the belly fully to your spine. Hold for one second.
  • Repeat form the halfway 100 times.

Crunchless Crunch

This is like the first exercise but with just one move.

  • ┬áLie with on your stomach, and relax completely.
  • Pull your bellybutton towards your spine. Hold for tens seconds or until you can’t feel the muscles very good.
  • If it feels too easy hold for more seconds.

The goal is to hold the contraction until you feel the rest of abs muscles working harder than the transverse abdominal muscles.