Resistance Loop Bands

The resistance loop band can be used effectively with programs such as Pilates, yoga, CrossFit, BeachBody, or Brazilian Butt Lift. But you can simply use these at home or work or even while traveling or vacationing. They are inexpensive and easy to carry in your pocket. And I’ve discovered that proper use of these bands can stimulate your fat burning machine and help to develop that sculpted body you’ve always wanted. Additionally, resistance loop bands can be used for rehabilitation or therapy for numerous injuries. They promote mobility, balance, coordination, and strength.

The resistance loop bands can be found in two primary sizes, 3 by 10″ or 4 by 12″. They are also available in a number of resistance gradations ranging from five pounds to 200 pounds.

There are over six hundred muscles in the human body and most can be strengthened through use of the resistance loop band. But several factors should first be considered:

  • Before starting any new exercise program you should talk to your physician.
  • Be sure to examine your bands before each workout. You should look for deterioration, tears, or scratches. If a band breaks it could cause injury.
  • Each exercise should be performed two to three times per week while ensuring that the same muscle group isn’t exercised two days in a row. You can usually start with ten repetitions, wait a minute, and then perform ten more to complete a set. When no longer challenged, increase repetitions, increase sets, or increase resistance levels.

There are about two dozen exercises and everyone will have their favorites. One of mine is the Archer. Hold one end of the band in your left hand with left arm extended to the left, parallel to the ground at shoulder level. Grasp the other end of the loop band with your right hand and pull back like you’re shooting a bow & arrow. Hold for the count of two and slowly return to the beginning position. Perform ten reps and switch sides to complete a set.