Simple Home Training Ideas

Bench Step-Up

The step-up is a great exercise for training the muscles in the legs. This exercise can also be performed on a park bench. Stand close to the bench to eliminate forward momentum. Place one foot on the bench with heel flat. Step up by driving the heel into the bench. When you step down, do so slowly and under control. If this exercise is too easy, it can be made more difficult by reducing the push off from the grounded leg, or stepping onto a higher object. If you are finding it difficult, push off more from the ground, step to a lower object or use a small amount of forward momentum to start the movement.


A basic exercise most people are familiar with, the press-up is a good way to train the pressing muscles of the upper body. Place hands just wider than shoulder width apart, tuck the elbows slightly and lower as far as you can. Ensure that you are keeping the torso solid, and a straight line through the shoulders hips and knees. To make this exercise harder, you can elevate your feet using a bench. To make it easier, elevate your hands on the bench or shorten the lever by starting on your knees or with hips bent.

Side Bridge

One of the best ways to train the oblique muscles is the side bridge. These muscles in the side of the torso are often overlooked. This exercise is performed by lying sideways with feet in line and one elbow or hand on the floor, then creating a straight line through the body by lifting the hips. Holding this position challenges the stabilising muscles in the torso. This exercise can be held for time or done as repetitions up and down. To make this exercise easier, elevate the elbow or hand with a bench.