Summer Workout Planning

Hydration needs to be understood by everyone as the body has a terrific capability to exert itself with very little warm up and fluid intake (hydration). However, this can lead to severe muscle cramp and dehydration problems early in your fitness routine. The more aerobic the exercise and the more severe the temperature range you are performing in then the likelihood for becoming faint or even passing out during your exercise is much greater.

Summer workout schedules should be thought of around the weather patterns as much as possible. Early morning is a great time to beat the heat in most areas. Sorry, east coast but having just been there I know how humid the mornings can be. But, even with the humidity factor the mornings are best when it comes to overall impact to the body’s natural cooling ability, sweat.

One of the most important planning and execution items prior to your workout is hydration or applying more water to your body’s thirsty engine. If you know that you are going to be in an aerobic routine on known cycles then a good rule of thumb is to hydrate (drink water) the night before. The amount of water intake should be 64 ounces. It takes the body several hours to properly absorb and replenish the water “spent” from previous events or workouts. So, by adding water to your daily meal plan in advance you will create an optimum replenishment process for overall hydration.

In addition to the night before, you should also plan on having onsite bottles of water to maintain periodic replenishment during the summer workout. Summer is by far the most draining of your liquid assets although every season should follow the patterns noted here for proper hydration. The old rule of thumb is you can never have too much water. But, caution to the wind on that one, the timing of the intake is very important as we stated above it should be done the night before in no less than sixty four ounces of water.

There are many supplemental products available on the market today as well. The most famous and probably most tested is clearly Gatorade. The original development of Gatorade was by the University of Florida to find a solution to their football team’s energy levels dropping during their grueling summer workout plans with the football team. The Gators, as they are known, had a team of researchers develop the product which today is named after the school’s mascot, Gatorade. We also believe that proper nutrition and natural supplements like the acai berry juice from Mona Vie International [] is an excellent choice for daily health and wellness management.