Weight Lifting Gloves For Pull Ups

  • If you’re deciding on which gloves to buy think of what else you’re going to be using them for because this makes a difference! You likely aren’t heading to the gym to spend an hour doing only pullups. You’re bouncing on the cardio machines, running the track, doing bodyweight exercises and pumping iron in the weight room. If you can’t use your new grips for everything else you do in the gym then they’re not very versatile. Look for a glove that gives you finger dexterity by either only having a half finger length or no finger. Trying to use a fingerless pad or grip is only going to get annoying, and it’s just not efficient.
  • Now this may seem silly because it’s not a tip about hand protection but rather a tip about proper form for pull ups. Too many people in the gym or CrossFit box THINK they know how to do a pull up properly. After all, it’s just grabbing a pull ups bar and yanking yourself up to it right? Wrong!