Achieving 6 Pack Abs

  1. Don’t forget Nutrition – No amount of Abs work is going to let you see results if you keep eating fatty foods that just deposit fat on your stomach. The same goes if you drink too much alcohol. If you want to get your six pack back stop drinking when ever possible. Each drink that you have will put your goal of 6 pack abs further way.
  2. Less is more – If you’re lifting weights, you don’t do 50 bicep curls do you? Why do you feel the need to do 50 Abs crunches? You should slow down your crunches and feel the muscles that you are working.Only completing 25 crunches correctly will give you better results than doing 100 incorrectly.
  3. Be Realistic – It’s probably not what you want to hear in an article about getting a 6-pack, but unfortunately not everybody will get a 6-pack, especially as you get older. But you shouldn’t despair, as following the above should lead to a flatter stomach and the loss of those love handles.
  4. It’s not just crunches – Abs crunches are the most common Abs exercise but they are not the only exercise. You should change it up a bit with some Bicycle kicks and the Bent Elbow Plank. Reverse crunches are also popular as are push aways. By doing a variety of different ab routines will more more of your abs muscles giving you a more even mid-section.