Backup Fitness Recovery Plan

Give Yourself a Break

One of the most important parts of this fitness recovery plan is not feeling bad because you got off track for awhile. If all you do is feel sorry for yourself because of how bad you are for getting off track, you’re not going to get anywhere. Just realize that life happened, and then start to take control again and move on. This is the quickest way to fitness recovery. Remind yourself of your lifetime fitness goals, and draw on them for encouragement.

Modify Your Original Plan

It is also a good idea to develop a new version of your original plan as well. It could be that the plan you were on before needs some revisions before your mind will allow you to get back on the plan again.

Ease Back In

Also, you may have to ease your way back into working out consistently. Consider it as a way of starting over. This also depends on how long you’ve been off, but don’t plan on just hitting everything full force again the first week. This is the same advice that you would probably give to someone just starting to exercise for the first time.

Let Go of the Past

We will all have setbacks from time to time. But remember that there is always another chance to get back on track and reach your lifetime fitness goals. Don’t let the mistakes of the past hold you back from what you can still accomplish!