Brisk 20 Minute Walk

A great pedometer (like the Omron HJ 112) will significantly enhance your walking experience. The pedometer will give you some measurement that will cause you to walk more and try harder in order to get more steps or use more calories. Just wearing a pedometer will help increase your everyday movement without any extra effort on your part. Everyone can find 30 minutes in their day to do a good healthy walk. If the weather is an issue, either too hot or too cold, you can use a treadmill indoors or if you can’t afford the investment in a good treadmill, Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds DVD is superb. Make the time. Make yourself a priority. You will find that these three improvements to your daily routine will pay huge dividends in how much better you feel and how much better you can cope with the stresses in your life.

Exercise in moderation is necessary to live a really healthy life. If you don’t like exercise, a brisk walk isn’t really too difficult to learn to cope with. Everyone has the time for a 30 minute daily walk, so make it a priority and it will give you so much more energy to make the rest of your day superb!