Burning Chest Fat

The problem many guys who wish to lose their chest fat by exercising have is that weight training and regular aerobic routines are repeptetive and boring, and so are difficult to stick to for a long time. But there are more forms of exercising. You can also try incorporating sports games into your shcedule, provided they are the sort which work the upper body efficiently.

Which sports are best suited to burn off as much chest fat as possible?

  • Tennis – Tennis isn’t only a great cardio game which involves a lot of sprinting, it also works the upper body each time you swing your arms to hit the ball over the net. A good match of tennis will burn off a lot of energy and work the upper body, including your chest area.
  • Squash – Similarly to tennis, though the swing is usually shorter, squash also works your upper body as well as getting you into a huge sweat in a matter of minutes. Playing squash is far from boring and is an effective way to burn pectoral fat.
  • Racketball – Another great game which sends your heart beat racing and your upper body into motion.

Each of these games can be played easily and without any major training. Each of them provides a great way to kickstart your burning chest fat process.