Calories Burned

  • Increase the incline – the incline is an excellent tool when you are aiming at burning as many calories as possible. You could increase the incline intervals between the workouts and see the difference. The result of this method is that the burning of calories would continue steadily long after you have stopped exercising.
  • Work out the upper body – most elliptical trainers today are equipped with some type of bars. Ensure that you make full use of those bars to exercise the arms and upper body. Remember that the more muscles you exercise the more muscles you can develop, the more fat (calories) you melt.
  • Use the elliptical trainer’s maneuverability fully – the calories burned on an elliptical trainer very much depends upon how many muscles you are using during the exercise. Some of these machines come equipped with forward ad backward movements. Use these back and forth movement to attract the involvement of as many muscles as you could. With this method, as with the incline increase, the calories burned on an elliptical trainer would be continued beyond the exercising time.
  • Work out timings – the more you work out the more you burn – whether this is on the elliptical trainer or on anything else. Hence, try to work on the elliptical trainer for about half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. This would rev up the rate of calories burned on an elliptical trainer and you would enjoy excellent results.
  • Turn it on gradually – when you start using the elliptical trainer, you would and should start with the lowest possible adjustments. You would need to be regular first of all when you exercise on this trainer, and then gradually increase its difficulty so that the calories burned on an elliptical trainer could really be felt and seen.
  • Minimum workout time – it is true that – as usually advertised, just 15 minutes workout can do wonders with an elliptical trainer. However, very often 15 minutes would be just sufficient to have the body geared up for more. Hence, for the best result and higher number of calories burned on an elliptical trainer try extending the minimum time on the trainer to 30 minutes. If you could do this twice a day (morning and evening) this would be even better.
  • Your body size – you could burn while exercising on an elliptical trainer anything between 300-600 calories per session. The amount of calories burned on an elliptical trainer is very much dependent upon how your body is shaped. The larger is your body, the more calories you would be likely to burn when exercising. A petite woman would burn only half the calories a large woman would burn for the same amount of effort. Hence, if you are small built do not be discouraged by the initial low output. The amount of calories burnt here is directly proportional to the time and difficulty spent on the trainer.