Critical Leg Squat Steps

Simplistic and easy to perform, the leg squat will be done engaging in other activities as well. Standing in front of the stove cooking, talking on your cell phone or having a conversation with your children are prime times to perform leg squat bodybuilding moves. You must be careful how your technique is performed.

Many exercises in bodybuilding lend themselves to mult-tasking.

When performing leg squats, comfort is critical. Not being in the mood, tired and overstressed is no excuse for not performing the squats. If done incorrectly, it can be dangerous with pulled muscles and ongoing pain. It is better to do nothing than experience the damage of the muscle.

These are the steps to a successful set of leg squats:

  • First, stand with your legs apart. The width of your shoulders is the key to the proper width of your leg placement. Loosen up your body with stretches and bends.
  • Breathing deeply during each set should be done from the stomach instead of the chest area. Many successions of deep breathing should follow.
  • Remember to relax and concentrate on the way your body feels. This will gauge how well your body is able to take the exercise. So go slow and think and feel.
  • When beginning the leg squat, gradually lower your body while gently bending down at your knees. Remember to exhale when you are going down and inhale when you are going up.
  • When you reach the lowest point, stop and hold on at this point for a few seconds. This is the most important part in the exercise as a whole. Again, inhale when you raise your body from the squat position.

Over time, your leg muscles will tighten. This bodybuilding exercise is incredibly beneficial. It is also an easy exercise to perform.

Do not start with a large number of repetitions at first. This could cause damage in over working the muscles. The number of reps will increase as you gain strength and endurance. As you progress, slowly increase the number of reps. You will soon realize the simplicity of the exercise. Even though it is simple, the muscles are being taxed quite a bit and therefore will grow bigger going forward.

After beginning with leg squats, the use of small weights and advanced work out routines will mean shoulder and arms will follow. The legs love to be worked out and will respond by getting much bigger and stronger over time.