Energy and Exercise

Energy and Exercise go hand in hand. They cannot be separated. Since that is how it is, to put a qualification such as health or age on either is stopping short of the wonderful circle they form. Some consider it a vicious circle. Little energy therefore little physical exertion leads to even less energy therefore no physical exertion.

It should not be that way. Energy and exercise or physical exertion form a wonderful circle. A circle that enhances and improves health, mental alertness, physical stamina and sexual stamina. However to get energy one must exercise. In return exercise offers more energy. The key is where to begin. Age, overall health and physical condition and any physical disabilities must be taken into consideration.

The first thing to do when considering any exercise regimen is consult with any physicians whose care you are under. Once they have advised you medically start where you are. In other words, if you are having trouble walking to the mailbox and back, then walk halfway to the mailbox the first day. Take a few more steps each day till getting to the mailbox is no longer an over-exertion. The next day continue past your mailbox and pick up the mail on the way back… and so on.

If you want to do some kind of specific exercise regimen make certain you choose a workout that you will enjoy. Choosing a particular workout simply because you believe it will be the most beneficial to you physically may not work. If you hate doing it, you will burn out fast. Obviously, some exercise is better than a great exercise program you are not doing!

Make certain you stay hydrated. The formula for determining your daily water requirement is: your body weight divided by two. That number is the minimum number of ounces you need to consume to stay properly hydrated. Exercise helps cleanse your body of toxins through sweat so adequate water intake is even more important when you are exercising.

Eat foods that will fuel your body. These included nuts, seeds, whole-grain breads and animal proteins. Be certain to follow any dietary restrictions before including any of these foods into your diet. Stay away from refined sugar and caffeine. They may give you an energy boost, but it will be short-lived and leave you with less energy once the boost is over.

Wear comfortable clothing that moves with you and wicks moisture away from your body. You want to sweat when it is appropriate for your degree of workout. Remember sweating helps remove toxins from your body, but there is nothing comfortable about being in constricting, soaking wet clothing as a result.

Working out with a personal trainer is a wonderful option if your budget can handle it. Interview several before you choose one. You will want someone who gives you individualized instruction, is familiar with all of your health issues and is on the same page as you as it relates to physical fitness goals.