Fine Tune Breathing

These exercises should be enjoyable to you, so know your limits and don’t push so that it becomes a burden, You could begin and/or end your day with the following practice. A deep breath begins in he stomach, using the diaphragm like a bellows to draw the air deep in the bottom of the lungs. Imagine filling a glass with water as you breathe in slowly through your nose, pushing your stomach outward. When you feel you have stretched your stomach as much as you can, begin to expand your chest, filling the area with oxygen. Continue to breathe in and raise your shoulders. Hold for the count of five and exhale deeply through your mouth. This should calm your mind as well as your body.

Now, what is it about breathing that can help you take off the pounds? A few minutes of deep breathing can stimulate the body to take in more oxygen into your bloodstream, helping to clear away buildup in the arteries and other toxins. As a result, the blood gets pumps throughout the body more quickly making you more energized and feeling more like able to exercise.

Oxygen is necessary for 90% of metabolic processes or daily activities in the body. Food is only needed for 10% of those processes. Respiratory functions in many people are below average because of shallow breathing such as not allowing the lungs to expel the carbon dioxide, water and other wast products of respiration as well as the starving of our cells. It is a fact that cancer cells thrive in an oxygen deficient environment. Just some of the benefits of acquiring the habit of deep breathing in your life would be reduced blood pressure, increased feeling of calmness, better digestion, a tighter core, higher energy levels and increased awareness of your body functions.

Last but not least is this affective technique to flush toxins out of your lymph system. It is, “sniff breathes.” Simply, sniff quickly through your nose four short sniffs to fill your lungs as full as you can, hold just a bit, and then exhale slowly and deeply pushing all the air out of your body. For a pick me up, your breaths will be short and intense. To bring on calmness and reduce stress you would hold the breath longer. Breath, life and spirit are one when they are in harmony.