Flatten Your Abs Without Sit-ups

  • The first exercise you can do is called V-ups. These are done by lying flat on the floor with your hands over your head touching the ground. When you have achieved this position, raise your torso and legs in a simultaneous motion while keeping your legs straight. Reach your hands towards your feet making them touch if possible. Hold this position for a few seconds, and then return to the flat position that you first began with. Repeat this as much as you’d like, and you are sure to flatten your abs.
  • The second exercise you can do is called the lunge Chop. This is done by taking medicine ball in both hands and holding it over one of your shoulders. Step forward with the leg that is opposite to the shoulder over which the ball is being held until the knee is t a ninety degree angle. When you have achieved this position, swing the ball down in a chopping motion. Do this eight times and then switch to the other shoulder. This, too, is another way in which you can flatten your abs.
  • The last exercise is sort of fun, and it is called the Barbell Rollout. This is done by gripping a barbell over handedly while kneeling on the floor. When this position has been achieved, roll the barbell s far out way from you as possible with your hand still gripping, and then roll it back in towards you. In order for this exercise to be effective, these must be done in sets of ten.

Have fun flattening your abs and getting the stomach of your dreams. NO more will you ever have to go through so much trouble getting rid of the fat.