Get Fit With Online Fitness Center

Keeping this technological transformation of health and fitness needs in mind Ipod Fitness Center launched an amazing application that gives better watch of fitness tracking to an iPhone or iPod touch user. The Ipod Fitness Center is a virtual fitness center powered by VitaLife Networks, a First Coast Florida company that supports the health and wellness needs of its members and customers.

The Ipod Fitness Center is an online fitness center and social networking community that is based on the iPod Nano and Nike+ Sensor technology. It was created in support of the iPod and Nike+ products and takes the technology a step further by creating an environment of fun fitness and accountability. Members are encouraged by others to stick with their exercise program.

This high demand application is named as “iPhit” helps the user to track walking or running exercises using their iPod Nano and Nike+ iPod Sensor kit. A sensor is placed in user’s shoe and linked with the iPod Nano to track all run or walk events. This information is then sent by iPhit application to user’s IPhone in easy to use and read format.

The iPhit home page displays the Runs, Challenges, Goals, Nike Community that are available on the Nike+ website. There are different events to encourage members it achieve their goals. Monthly targets called PARTIs are set as bench mark, which held to keep members accountable to themselves and others to meet their fitness goals.

Most of all, fitness is made fun with fellowship, exercising with others across the country, friendly competition and prizes! In addition, the Ipod Fitness Center can be accessed directly from the iPhone. One can make purchases of the nutraceutical quality supplement and other products to support a healthy lifestyle with one click purchases – right from the iPhone!

To access iPhit from your iPhone, simply visit. You can also run iPhit from your desktop pc – but you must be using the Firefox or Safari web browser.
Membership is free.