Get Flat Abs Without Breaking A Sweat

No wonder that surveys show that the abdominals are one of the key turn-ons and turn-offs for both men and women. Having flat abs is not only great for your health, it’s a boost to your social and sex life.

That’s why in every gym you can see people doing endless cycles of crunches. People put in hours each week trying to cut down their belly fat and develop those dream abs muscles. Yet the truth is that very few people succeed. The main reason is that they put in their time and effort doing ineffective exercises. They waste a lot of time and energy when true, high intensity, abs workouts shouldn’t last that long.

In fact, there’s one stomach exercise which doesn’t even require you to move yet is incredibly effective. It’s the best way to get those flat abs without even breaking a sweat. Here’s how you do it:

Starting Position:

Place your fore-arms on the floor in a triangle shape with your clasped fingers as the apex. Stretch your legs so that you are fully extended with your head in the air directly above your clasped hands and your legs on tip-toe behind you. Make sure your back is perfectly straight and keep your eyes down so that your neck isn’t strained.

Now just remain in that position and breathe normally. Your stomach muscles will start to strain as they are 100% contracted. In about 30 seconds it will become hard to maintain this position. If you manage to hold it for a minute, I’m impressed. Repeat this exercise 3-5 times each day and you’ll see real improvement in your abs. All this for about 3-5 minutes a day and without breaking a sweat.