Get Nice Abs

Everybody wants nice tight abs. The reason why is because everybody recognizes, that the abs are the most visually appealing part of the body. There is a technical reason for this. It has to do with the science of Aesthetics. It is actually an optical illusion.

But what do we do when we decide to get a real nice strong set of abs? What can we do? We do what all the trainers suggest and that is to work them. To do abs crunches and sit ups. Makes sense? Of course it does…or does it? When you work your abdominals, you GROW them. I hope you just read that, it is the most important point on this page!

Getting a nice set of abs is not so hard. The abdominals are a large muscle group that respond very effectively to stimulation in most people. Care must be taken with the abs and approaching it intelligently is vital. If you build this muscle group without paying close attention to presentation, you can actually end up with a large over sized mid rift for all your work. Proportion and presentation is the key.

It’s a strange contradiction that most people fail to recognize. The logic goes, if I am working my abs, I must make them grow bigger. But the truth is you are not. You are putting in effort to make the mid section as SMALL as possible compared to you upper body. In this way you get the attractive V shape.

Lose a few pounds a week over the next month and watch how nice and good your abs begin to look!