Get Toned Arms

Now what must be kept in mind is that the technique to doing this is very different to getting ripped or packing on a lot of muscle. Getting toned arms requires a different form of workout. It is much more focused on actual strength. Now when I say strength I do not mean how many stacks of weights you can lift. I mean how fast and far you can run, how many push ups you can pump out and so on.

You may have noticed that a lot of athletes are in fact extremely toned. They have toned arms and very lean muscular bodies. They achieve this through their actual training. Take sprinters for example. Their main focus of training is simply to run as fast as they can. You won’t find them in the gym doing bicep curls with a dumbbell.

So if you are looking to get toned arms, you have to train your arms in this way. Like an athlete.

Ever heard of HIIT training? What it basically means is that first you do an exercise such as running at a fast pace for a short time. Then you slow the speed down for roughly a minute then pick it up again. This is repeated for a good 10 minutes at least. This type of workout is similar to a sprinters workout. It burns fat quickly and in fact it actually burns fat after the actual workout.

Push ups are another form of toning exercise that can be done. You can get amazingly toned arms just by pumping push ups every day and mixing it with a sprinting cardio routine. Another example would be break-dancers. Their arms are as toned as you can get. This is because of their pure strength and ability to lift their body weight for long periods of time.