Importance of Muscle Stretching

Stretching is very important for your muscles’ health, it brings oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the muscles and relaxes them. Relaxed muscles will less likely tear or spasm. When you exercise you shorten the muscle; stretching elongates the muscle. I always say, “A long muscle is a healthy muscle.”

I would like to clear up a question that everyone of my clients ask me: “When do I stretch, before or after my workout?” The answer is simple, BOTH! It is essential to do a warm-up before your workout to decrease chances of injury, increase your core temperature and mobility in the joints. Once the body is warmed up then you should stretch out the muscles that you are going to work out, if not all the muscles in your body. Then do your workout, followed by a cool-down including a full body stretch.

Why should I stretch:

  • Prevent injury (a strong flexible muscle resists stress better)
  • Reduce muscle tension and relax the body
  • Increase speed and range of motion of the joint
  • Prevent post exercise muscle soreness
  • Help with co-ordination by allowing easier movement
  • Maintain current flexibility level into old age
  • Develop body awareness and feels good
  • Improve muscle balance