Important Features of Wrist and Knee Wraps

The material

Wraps for training and workouts of all kinds are made of a special fabric. At least, it is supposed to be so. This is usually a polyester and cotton blend or neoprene that fulfills several important criteria. First, it has to deal well with moisture. Also, the blend should ensure that the wraps are flexible enough so they don’t hinder your exercise. These are able to stay put and don’t slide as you sweat. In addition, the best fabric is durable and lasts well in time, even if you use it on a daily basis and wash it frequently. It’s a perfect blend that guarantees elasticity and comfort, but also durability.

The grip

As mentioned above, this aspect is determined by the fabric properties. Try on the straps and see how well they keep their position. They’re not supposed to slide down your wrists or legs as you exercise. You need a firm grip but don’t wraps these too tight, as you don’t want to limit your movement and prevent blood from circulating.

The closure

You may have found straps made of the best materials around but if the closure isn’t reliable, then it’s all in vain. Pay attention to this aspect if you wish to enjoy the benefits. Velcro is still the most reliable option, as it’s easy to fasten and unfasten and lets you adjust the strap as desired.

The size

There are many wide straps from reputable brands, endorsed by great athletes, but you should pick the sized based on your particular needs. If you suffer from tendonitis or knee pain for example, the best choice is a narrow support utility strap of a special kind. It is enough if its wraps around just once. It will put pressure on key areas, to realign your ligaments and bones and relieve the pain.

The cushion

Cushioning is important in this matter, as it exists here to absorb the shocks. The wraps will stay in contact and rub against your skin for hours. You shouldn’t risk any rashes or skin injuries as you exercise. This is why you need to find a balanced cushion, which ensures a good grip but at the same time is soft enough to protect you and to feel comfortable as you exercise.