Inner Thigh Exercises

The Inner Thigh Firmer

Lie down on the mat on your left side with your head inactive on a small pillow or a rolled up towel to make sure your head, hips and shoulders are in the correct alignment. Then bend your right leg and relax it on the ground while you are straightening your other leg out, leaving it on the ground. Gradually lift your left leg approximately 6″, keep it there for a few seconds then slowly lower it while starting the next lift before your foot reaches the ground. Once you have done that ten times, roll over to your right side and do the same thing. Do two sets of exactly ten lifts with each of your legs.

Inner Thigh Firmer With Help

Lie flat on your back on an exercise mat with a large pillow between your lower legs. Squeeze your legs together, applying pressure to both sides of the pillow. Keep this position for five seconds and repeat ten times. This exercise may be done standing or sitting but is normally performed lying flat on your back. Do two sets of ten repetitions.

Exercising at the gym

A great piece of gym equipment for the inner thighs is the Cable Adductor Machine. You sit with your back flush against the machine, holding the handles on each side of you, pressing your feet and legs against the foam pads in front of you. Slowly bring your legs together, keep that position for a moment then go back to the starting position. Some machines have different settings that will allow you to move your legs wider apart, but don’t go too wide, especially if you are a beginner. It is important that your keep your back and legs against the machine. You could also warm up your muscles first using a lightweight before your training weight; this will help you to not injury yourself during practice.

Many women ask how they will know when the exercises are taking effect on the thighs, this would be when you start to feel that your muscles are burning or straining during exercises. When it feels like you have to stop because you can’t go on anymore, this is called moderate intensity, and the exercises are working. But after that stage you will reach the high intensity stage that will make you feel like you have to stop, you cannot continue and when you feel that you need to stop for a while and give your legs some rest.