Keep Fit With Baby

Resuming Healthy Activities – Start Slow!

Once your physician allows you to safely exercise again, there are many low-impact choices where you can get in some exercise and enjoy spending time with your new baby. Two of the healthiest activities are walking and hiking. They are the perfect choice when you want to get back into the routine of exercising because they are not too strenuous on your body, yet still provide you with a healthy workout.

Whether you prefer walking around your neighbourhood or hiking on a local nature trail, it can be wonderful to get out of the house and walk with your baby in an infant carrier. While you are enjoying your exercise, your baby can enjoy the new sights, sounds, and smells of being outdoors, all the while remaining close and secure to you. The fresh air will do both of you a world of good. Also, your walking rhythms help to soothe a fussy baby, who remembers these motions from the womb (the ultimate baby carrier if there ever was one!)

It is vitally important that you maintain good posture when walking or hiking while wearing your baby. You want to slowly work at getting back into shape without causing back pain in the process. Make sure you place baby as high up on your body as possible to avoid lower back pain. Begin by taking short walks, increasing the distance over a few weeks. This will get you used to your carrier and you can measure the time when your infant needs a diaper change or feeding. Often when they are younger than six months, they will simply be lulled to sleep with your movements.

Other Good Exercise Options for New Moms

Some new moms find low impact exercises like Tai Chi and yoga can be perfect compliments or alternatives to walking and hiking. There are several baby-friendly positions to tone your arm and leg muscles while wearing a sling. Many post-natal exercise classes offer special programs for new moms and their infants, so check your local gym or community center.

While many new parents choose to wear their baby simply for the valuable bonding experience, they are also getting the added exercise. Think about your day if you were to add a ten pound weight without craving strange foods! Simply by wearing your baby, you are adding a healthy exercise component to everything you do throughout your day.