Lose Arm Fat

Flabby arms are a curse restricted mainly to women. Men gather fat in their biceps, but for women it’s all in the triceps, and after a certain age, no matter how thin she is, a woman inevitably get saggy arms. How much fat gathers on the underside of the arm is a matter of genetic predisposition and, of course, body weight. Taking off the fat to get rid of jiggling underarm syndrome isn’t impossible, but it takes a while and consistent effort.

If you’re already thin and don’t want or need to lose any more weight, but want to get rid of saggy underarms, stay with your sensible diet and aerobic exercise program, but add overall body resistance weight training, with a little extra focus on your triceps and biceps. Swimming, rowing, elliptical and dumb bell workouts are great cardio exercises for the upper body and involve working the arm muscles as well. Resistance training, which can be done with Pilates exercises as well as with weights, works on individual muscle groups. You should work your entire body with resistance training to strengthen all your muscles and keep them in proportion.

Ladies, thin, or not, don’t be afraid to build up your arms; you lack the testosterone that causes triceps and biceps to bulk up. You get fine toning and light definition, but just enough to show that you are healthy and fit. Resistance exercises will also strengthen your back, and studies have shown that people who regularly engage in resistance training are much less susceptible to osteoporosis. Resistance training points out to the body the importance of maintaining healthy muscle tissue and makes it depend upon fat for energy, rather than depleting muscle and gives you the lean muscles you want.

If you have access to a gym or fitness club use the cardio machines that stress upper body cardio exercises, and work with the rowing and weights machines. Cable curls are great for toning the arms. Kickbacks, where you place your hands behind your back and hold a dumb bell with both hands, bend forward from the waist, trunk parallel to the floor and bend the elbows just enough to bring your arms level with your back, work well too. In triceps extensions, grasp the dumb bell with both hands and raise it over your head, keeping your arms pulled inward, bend your elbows backwards until your lower arms are parallel to the floor.

These are just three of the simplest upper arm toning exercises. There are several more exercises, both cardio and resistance that will tone your upper arms. Combine these with a low fat diet and be patient and consistent. Work your entire body to get and stay trim and healthy, and you’ll get the body you always wanted!