Lose Chin Fat

Many experts say the only way to lose chin fat is through weight loss or through surgical or other medical procedures, because it’s nearly impossible to exercise the chin area. They’re right about losing chin fat via these methods, but wrong about exercising the chin and adjacent areas of the face. In fact, if you want to get both the chin fat and tighten up the sags left behind, you need to lose weight and exercise the muscles around your chin.

Odds are if you have a double chin, you have excess weight on the rest of your body that you need to take off. Start with a healthy diet low in calories and fat, and an aerobic exercise program designed to burn calories and fat. Getting down to your recommended weight will get rid of the fat that fills out your double chin, but, especially in middle-aged and older people, the double chin isn’t completely gone because the area under the chin is left “holding the bag,” so to speak. Short of having a chin lift, you may not be able to get rid of the sagging skin, but by toning the muscles in the area, you can tighten the area under your chin.

It’s not been medically or scientifically proven that chin and jaw exercises help eliminate fat from the targeted areas, but neither has it been disproved. If you go to almost any of the weight loss forums, you’ll find many posts about losing a double chin and tightening the area with simple exercises. All these testimonies of positive results must count for something.

Here are some simple exercises that you can use to dispose of chin fat and tone the muscles of your jaw and upper throat.

Open your mouth, gently tilt your head backwards and move your bottom lip over your top lip; hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times. Without moving your head backwards take your lower lip of and try to touch your nose with it, repeatedly sticking your tongue to the strengthen mouth and facial muscles. To tighten up a double chin: press your hand to your forehead while resisting with your head and neck. Hold for five seconds, relax and repeat 10 times.

It’s true that liposuction removes chin fat, but it is an invasive surgery. There is the risk of being left with physical damage or an uneven or lumpy appearance under the chin, because liposuction is not a precise art. Before undergoing liposuction, you should also consider the cost and the fact that although some of the fat is gone, without a weight loss or maintenance diet and sufficient exercise, your body will still store fat under your chin, and you’ll end up with a new double chin.