Lower Ab Workout

If you want to lose weight, burn fat and tone your muscle, then you want to go with the best lower ab workout aimed at these results. Contrary to popular belief many reps with short time intervals are not always the most effective ways of burning fat, and often slower exercises can be more effective in slimming down. One of the best lower ab workout techniques that is going around the gym circuit at the moment is the vertical leg lift.

This technique is an old one, but it fell out of favor with trainers in the eighties and early nineties when the machine-assisted abdominal workout trend took over. It is actually an extremely effective way of toning or building your lower abs. All you have to do is lie on your back with your legs at ninety degrees to the floor. Cross your feet over at your ankles and put your palms flat on the ground at your sides. Use your stomach muscles to try to push your feet upwards, without pushing down with your arms. It doesn’t matter if you cannot lift them very high, but try to keep them as straight as possible.

This is the best lower ab workout for both building muscle mass and burning fat. If you want to lose weight, this is the best lower ab workout if you do medium length intervals, and several relatively short sets. If you really want to build up your lower abdominals, then keep your feet pushed up for several seconds before bringing them down. Try to do sets of eight reps, if you can!

If you are a member of a gym the best lower ab workout you can do there is on the Captain’s Chair. If you are not familiar with this apparatus, it is a simple back board with a foot rest and two arm rests that should be at chest height when properly adjusted. All you have to do is stand with your back against the backboard and your arms on the armrests for support. Keeping your legs together, lift them up to your chest. Make sure you don’t arch your back or all of the strain will be immediately transferred to your hips.

If you want to build muscle doing this exercise, try to lift your knees up as high as you can go and down again in a total of four to five seconds. For those looking to lose weight, this can be one of the best lower ab workout techniques if you lift your knees up to parallel with your waist, then down again in two seconds. Try to keep your breathing constant, exhaling when you contract your muscles. If you inhale when you contract, you risk developing your abdominal muscles outwards, giving you an appearance of a beer belly.