Obesity Gains Momentum

Well, sadly that includes our poor eating habits followed up by an anemic fitness program individually. Our children will be facing an enemy unforeseen in previous generations. In order for developing countries to stimulate their economies they must provide jobs, food and infrastructure. As they develop, just as we have seen, their family units become more and more detached from their socializing. Slowly but surely you evolve as a two income family. With children as the victims when it comes to a healthy nutritional fuel intake.

Progress takes victims of all color, shape, religion and age. It really doesn’t care. If you buy-in to exceeding amongst your peers and above well it just drives towards the inevitable conclusion that you must have more stuff. So, why this direction when we started out chatting about Obesity? Neglect. Our children become the victims of our success or failure and neglect sets in. In a two parent working family or even a single parent family structure there just isn’t enough time in the day to offer a well balanced meal plan striving all the proper food groups.

Fast food here we come. With it, obesity 101 sets in quickly. It doesn’t show up all at once and in fact it takes months to establish itself and set its roots in your habits. Oh yes, and it has many friends from common inflammation all the way to type 2 diabetes. It knows no enemies and welcomes all who succumb to its plan.

Modern science has taken great steps in helping to curb chronic illness and make living with diabetes a possibility but we need to look deeper. Is there a way to re-direct our energies towards a true prevention? We believe there truly is a way. If you follow Doctor Perricone and his belief that exercise and a well balanced nutritional diet are our keys to success then if you over-exercise each day you create nice deficits. When is the last time you heard deficits spoken and it was a good thing?

Well when looking at obesity it’s all about deficit eating obtained from a routine of exercises. They don’t have to require capital investments or memberships in your local gym. We highly encourage you join a gym just the same. We recommend to anyone that is listening or reading this note that you invest in a pedometer. These little devices measure your total steps taken over time. Why you ask? Because we need a push and we need to know that what we are doing is working or improving shall we say our present situation of battling obesity. By monitoring your steps you can determine during the day if you are meeting your goals. Dr. Perricone suggests a 10,000 step a day program. Sounds impossible? Not at all. You can achieve this in less than ninety minutes of a nice paced walk in the morning or evening. This can be broken into two walks per day if you don’t have the time. But don’t miss a beat.

You see, as you begin this program your body begins to change. It begins to learn how you are burning calories differently and thus will increase your metabolism and fat management over time. Not over night but soon. After ninety days of continuous exercise you will not only make your daily goals of 10,000 steps but your body will burn fat and thus calories more efficiently. Your blood sugar rates will improve as excess weight leads to type two diabetes more often than not. Two walks per day combined with normal every day events of movement and walking and you will see results. Monitor your daily food intake and think about a healthy natural juice drink such as Mona Vie and their outstanding Acai berry product! Enjoy your new found body! We know your internal organs will thank you.