12 Healthy Drink Options to Replace Those Fizzy Drinks

You’ve just gotten home from the heat outside exhausted and drained. The first thing you would do is reach to the fridge to quench that thirst, but then you see the water. But no the soda option next to it seems much more tempting.

But the harm of it calls from the back of your mind, but you ignore them and the Tazo tea in your cupboard stays untouched.  The fizzy drinks cause havoc in our body and are something we all know yet we consume them. Today let me introduce you to some healthy options which definitely won’t harm your body and internal system but can make you learn how to improve your mental health with better drink options. They just won’t give your health, but the various options will help you spice up your diet.

1. Green tea

This has hailed and mostly used in the Asian countries, it has been there for the Asians for centuries and only recently has hit the Americans hard with all the benefits it offers. It has polyphenols which help prevent any type of cancer forming in the human body or any other disease or disorder. For instance if someone is suffering from ADHD, he/she might find ‘ADHD doctor near me’ for better treatment options, in this case, one must not overlook natural options to treat health problems. Also, research says that it helps reduce sugar in the blood after meals and beneficial for diabetes type 2 patients. Honey and lemon are two great additions to green tea to enhance the taste.

2. Coconut Water

A tropical relish drink best consumed when they’re fresh. The taste is controversial as some people love it and some people hate it. But the benefits are there as it hydrates your body like no one else drink. The potassium in it plays a big role in maintaining and regulating blood pressure.

3. Hot Chocolate

Can you remember taking a hot choclate drink while sitting on an airport moving from adelaide to melbourne in chilling winter of december?  You might not have thought of it is one of the healthy drinks at that time. Hot choclate is the perfect drink for you if you’re someone who prefers sweet drinks and wants all the healthy nutrients of drinks as well. The milk provided calcium and Vitamin D while on the other hand chocolate provides all the benefits of the coca beans. It is the perfect manipulation for the kids who need the milk but refuse to drink.

4. Turmeric Tea

Lesser known to the west side of the world but it has been pretty popular in the eastern world. The Asians have been using this as a way to diseases and wounds. The main constituent is Curcumin which gives all the benefits these drinks have. It has also been used in medicines by Chinese and Indians for centuries.

5. Dandelion Tea

It is one of the most well-known healthy drinks as it said to be the best detox drink. They’re very nutritious in the term that they’re filled with vitamins, minerals and fibers. It also acts an anti-inflammatory product. Although they can be consumed raw, they’re preferred to be consumed as drinks but do check that you don’t have any allergic reactions.

6. Pomegranate Juice

Almost find on every supermarket shelf and is the most nutritious drink. The fruit juice is packed with antioxidants.  It’s also rich in immune-boosting vitamin C to help fight off colds. Interesting thing is that it is not only beneficial for humans but is a natural nutritional birds food for many birds as well.

7. Beet Juice

A glass of beetroot juice helps in giving you all the vitamins and minerals in a concentrated form. If your mixture is too thick you can add some water to balance the consistency. Don’t remove the pulp that’s where all your fiber is.

8. Blueberry Juice

They have a yummy-licious taste with loads of health benefits that help increase glucose control and decrease blood cholesterol level. A glass of juice would help maintain fiber in your body along with converting your fatty acids in carbohydrates and proteins.

9. Red Wine

You thought red was only for relaxing dinner and sophisticated date nights. Research says that the correct level of red wine can increase good cholesterol and prevent artery damage. To all the ladies out their Red wine helps prevent skin aging and wrinkles. It keeps the skintight and prevents it from sagging with age.

10. Orange Juice

They’re rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They’re the best source of Vitamin C and fibre. They help prevent cold and kidney stones in your body. Alongside all the health benefits it also tastes great. Hence it is the perfect drink for picnics which is enjoyed by both adults and youngsters.

11. Cranberry Juice

The most unique benefit of cranberry juice is that it helps prevent infections in the urinary tract. Also, it helps ladies maintain a post-menopause health which doesn’t have many medical solutions.

12. Watermelon Juice

This is perfect for all those who want to lose weight as the nutrients in this help you reduce weight as it boosts up your metabolism and detoxifies your body.