Keep Bones Healthy

First is something that you should be doing anyways for all aspects of your health. That is exercise. Things like running, biking, swimming and sports are all extremely beneficial to the health of your bones. In addition to this, regular exercise will help your health in general. It is great for your cardiovascular system, and helps to combat the problems caused by fatty foods that are high in cholesterol. If you don’t usually get much exercise, then running or swimming laps may sound intimidating. You can start off going for a short walk every day, and get plenty of benefit from that.

Your diet is another huge part of maintaining healthy bones. You have probably heard of how calcium helps your bones. This is certainly true. Quite a few foods naturally contain high amounts of calcium, such as milk and vegetables. Also, many foods are fortified with extra calcium. When you’re picking out foods at the store such as frozen snacks, you should look at the nutrition facts to find ones that are high in vitamins in general, especially calcium. In addition to altering your regular diet, you should consider getting on a standard multi-vitamin or a calcium supplement, to make sure you get everything you need to maintain healthy bones.