Tone Up Flabby Arms

You Cannot Spot Reduce the back of the Arms

There is no such thing as spot reduction for any part of the body and this is important to know. Even if you did push-ups until the cows came home, you would still have flabby arms if you did not reduce your overall body fat. Don’t waste a lot of time with exercise unless you adjust your diet – which leads to the next important point.

Body Fat Reduction is Key

When you have a layer of fat surrounding your muscles, there is no way for tone and definition to appear. You must adjust your diet by cutting back on high fat, high calorie, junk foods and focus on healthy foods like fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and good fats (EFA’s – essential fatty acids.) No exercise plan in the world will work for you unless you change your eating habits for the better. Find out what a healthy body fat percentage is for you and work towards it. Only then will all of your hard work exercising pay off to rid yourself of the flab in the back of your arms.

Useful Arm Exercises

Once you have your eating habits in check, the next step is to work on some useful arm exercises which focus on the tricep. The stronger you become with your tricep exercises, the back of your arms will begin to tighten up, and you’ll be closer to your goal of losing the flabby arms.

  • Push ups – These are great for toning up the back up the arms. If you’re out of shape, you can even do them on your knees.
  • Tricep dips – You can use your own body weight or lean your hands on some type of ledge like the seat of a chair.
  • Dumbbell exercise – You will only need one dumbbell which you hold with both hands behind your head. Focus on your tricep muscles with each repetition by lifting the dumbbell up and down.
  • Tricep rope pull-down – You will need to do this at a gym unless you have the equipment at home. You can usually find the rope attachment near the arm machines. You grip the rope with both hands, with your arms close to your sides. As you pull the rope downward, you pull your hands away from each other. This is one of my favorite tricep exercises and you can really feel the burn.