Total Body Workout

  • First, a dumbell workout. For muscle and strength building, a pair of dumbells are a convenient and simple solution. A vast assortment of muscle building exercises can be had with dumbells.

You’ll want to pick one dumbell exercise for each major muscle group. Do a few muscle groups on one day, while performing other muscle groups on another day (in other words you don’t have to do all the muscle groups in one 20 minute workout).

After you perform a set of dumbell exercise, immediately move on to the next activity, such as…

  • Fitness ball exercises. A fitness ball can add great benefit to a total body workout. In between your dumbell sets you can perform a number of exercises on the fitness ball, most notably you can do abdominal exercises to tighten your stomach, or lower back exercises to strengthen your back.

Pushups, sit ups, and even squats can be performed with a fitness ball, adding to the total body workout.

By going from dumbells to the fitness ball, one right after the other, you can finish up the bulk of your routine in 15 minutes. Then…

  • Finish up your last 5 minutes utilizing something like a punching bag, treadmill, or simply picking an exercise like jumping jacks to round out your total body workout. Here you can go all out and finish up strong by doing an intense 5 minute round on the punching bag, or walking or running strong for 5 minutes on the treadmill, or doing sets of jumping jacks for 5 minutes.

This is a great, intense and effective workout which you can knock out in 20 minutes. You’ll be working everything in and completing an a total body workout which is both super quick and packed with variety.