Value Of Abdominal Exercise During Pregnancy

Abdominal exercise during pregnancy may sound a bit drastic, but actually yields good results, as the abdominal muscles play a major role during labor. Abdominal exercise during pregnancy reduces the diastasis recti effect, where the abdominal muscles get separated, a common event during pregnancies. They also reduce back pains, as abdominal exercises not only strengthen the abdomen area, but the back as well.

On vanity’s side, abdominal exercises during pregnancy improves a pregnant woman’s look, which is “carried over” after the pregnancy period.

One thing to note about abdominal exercise during pregnancy would be to first consult the doctor before engaging in any abdominal exercise. Most doctors tell pregnant women never to engage in “lying facing up” exercises during the first trimester of the pregnancy period. Finding the ideal, meaning safe yet effective, abdominal exercise during pregnancy could prove to be difficult, as one pregnant woman’s physique differs from another, so it is highly advisable to consult the doctor first. Chances are, he or she would have a number of “tailor cut” exercise routines to share.

The benefits of abdominal exercise during pregnancy include a pregnant woman’s improved resistance to fatigue, improved posture, lesser gaining of body fat, better sleep as well as insomnia management, and most of all, stronger back muscles, which are actually important, as strain on the back is emphasized with the belly’s growth in size.

Other benefits gained from abdominal exercise during pregnancy include the fast “normalization” of a woman’s weight, physical preparation for labor, as well as faster recovery after labor.

Here a basic abdominal exercise during pregnancy. Again, consult your doctor before you engage in doing them.

The Side Crunch

The side crunch for pregnant women starts with the exerciser lying on her left side, positioning the right arm behind her head. After this, the exerciser then raises her right leg, letting her knees touch her right elbow. Repeating this twenty five times, then turning to the right side would complete the exercise. The side crunch is aimed to work on the abdominal obliques.

Of course, there are other abdominal exercises which are applicable to pregnant women. On a general scale, the mentioned side crunch exercise is applicable to most pregnant women, but again, before engaging in the exercise, as well as any other exercises, consult your doctor.