Vibrating Platform Works

Users sit, stand or workout on a vibrating training machine. The vibration plate then begins to vibrate between thirty to fifty times per second. These rapid movements causes the muscles to stretch and your body responds by contracting those muscles. In the mean time, the machine is back to the first place and this stretch/contract process goes on. So, you can easily gain around fifty muscle contractions per second. This type of workout is not possible with other training machines and this is where the vibrating platform stands out.

With other machines, the muscle contraction rate is far less. You have to workout for hours to notice the kind of results you see after using the vibration plate for some minutes. This cuts down workout time and is great for those who with busy routines. Also, conventional exercise equipment only works 40% of the muscles whilst a vibrating plate helps to work muscles by 100%. The effect of this is that, you will notice quick regeneration of tissues and increase in bone density.

Many people including athletes and the elderly find that they can use the vibration plate without fear of injuring themselves. This is because other exercise machines use extra weights to build resistance whilst vibration machines use acceleration. The result of this is that people who cannot lift weights can still strengthen their body. This is useful for those people who do not want to wight-train but still want to increase their overall body strength.

Apart from strengthening the muscles, the vibration platform also burns calories and fat. The rapid vibrating movements help to get rid of subcutaneous fat and increase caloric usage. This helps people to lose weight without intensive and exhaustive workouts. Since you can use this vibrating platform anywhere, you can easily workout whilst watching TV or doing any other activity. This makes it a convenient way to stay fit and active without the need to head over to the gym.