Ways To Flatten Your Belly

  • Drink a lot of water. This cannot be stressed enough. If you are involved in any sort of strenuous physical activity you need to stay hydrated.
  • Do some cardiovascular exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes 3-4 times per week. Cardiovascular exercise will help burn the fat that is covering those sexy six pack abs that you know you have under all that flab.
  • Change your choice of carbohydrates. Go with whole grain breads and cereals and stay away from white bread and rice. White breads and rice break down into simple sugars and are retained by the body and stored as fat. Whole grains are a healthy alternative and provide roughage.
  • Do not eat before bed time. Eat your last meal 4-5 hours before bed so your body has a chance to digest your food and run it through your system.
  • Follow a good abdominal routine every day. Yes, abs can be worked every day. Just make sure to change up your routine and work different parts of the abdominal each day so you do not get bored.
  • Break up your meals into smaller portions and eat 5-6 times per day. This will help boost your metabolism and also help keep you from getting hungry and snacking between meals.
  • Start a weight lifting routine. Muscle is an active tissue. It burns calories even in a resting state, unlike fat that just sits there.
  • Get plenty of rest. Muscle needs time to repair itself. As you exercise you tear down the muscle. Only with rest and proper nutrition can you rebuild it.

Do not forget. Six pack abs can be attained with a little self discipline and planning. These 8 ways to flatten your belly are just a part of an overall healthy lifestyle.