Ways to Make Exercise a Habit

You will feel uncomfortable initially

Exercise do not need to be painful, but if you have neglected your body, do not expect it to be easy. Exercise is a serious commitment. You cannot get into shape without exerting some real efforts and, perhaps, without experiencing some discomfort. It is not wise to listen to the commercials saying, “Just five minutes a day, and you can do this on the couch while watching your favorite program!”

Moderate your pace

You do not have to go out to buy every exercise video on the market or try to weigh yourself every hour at the fitness center on the first day. This is one sure way to dampen your enthusiasm. It is always advisable keep yourself hungry for more.

Join a fitness center or join a friend

Take the initiative to find workout buddies by joining an exercise class at your fitness center, or a local running group that has a training program. If you make an appointment to meet your friend at the club, you are committed show up.

Your exercise buddies can push you to the next level. Alternatively put on your fitness apparel and gear to go outside with your friend for a walk on the days when you had rather stay home and watch your favorite television program.

Mix and match

The normal complaint about exercise is that it is boring. But if you change your workouts every two or three months, that excuse would not sound logical anymore. Try to vary your workouts by:

  • experimenting with different weight-training equipment,
  • changing the intensity of your cardiovascular program,
  • doing full-body or body-part workouts,
  • varying reps, sets, times, intensity techniques and so on.

Not only does this strategy keep you motivated, but it also keeps you healthy. Many injuries are the result of repeating the same movement patterns. So if you alternate, say, swimming with running, you are less likely to develop the knee problems that are common to runners or the shoulder injuries that swimmers will experience.

Buy the right fitness equipment and apparel

Walking is not going to be comfortable or safe if you are walking in your sandals. Cycling is not going to be fun if you are riding on an old bicycle that is not suitable for different terrains.

You do not have to spend a lot of money on top quality equipment, but investing in the right gears and equipments can sometimes be the difference between success and failure. It is good to buy the appropriate equipment for the right type of exercise. If you want to run, always buy a pair of jogging shoes.

It is a good habit to exercise at least three times a week to increase your level of health and fitness. Then you will be able to develop this habit after you have done it for 21 days.