Women Get Amazing Legs

  • Good bye to machines. While the squat machine and the other leg machines are better then nothing, they are not going to provide the most obvious results for getting the most beautiful legs. These machines are called single joint exercises and target only specific muscles. To get the most out of a workout do exercises that utilize not only the large muscle but also assisting muscle groups and possibly even other parts of the body. These are referred to as multi-joint exercises and examples include: squats, lunges (while doing bicep curls), power jumps, power squats, etc.
  • Choose cardio wisely. Cardio is an important part of a workout but make sure you do the cardio accordingly. If you are wanted to gain some leg definition A.K.A. muscle keep cardio workouts to a minimal. Do not exceed 25 minutes because after this your body will start to break down the hard earned muscle. Also stick to routines that are going to really use your leg muscles. One great form is the stair stepper. Or try doing interval training on inclines.
  • Eat all the right things. With any type of fitness, exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. If you are serious about looking great it is vital to eat a balanced healthy diet high in protein and whole-wheat carbs, but low in fats and sugars. Say good-bye to cokes and processed sugars. I would even suggest taking out diet sodas or at least minimizing them. Stick to water. No only will you feel hydrated but your energy will sore and you will also feel fuller longer. YAY.
  • Do not let a little rain or clouds keep you from the gym. The gym should be as much a priority as your business meeting. Schedule a time on your calender when you know it is time to hit the weights. Getting a great body takes work and work means hitting the gym on a regular basis. It does not matter the time of day for maximal benefits, it only matters that you go. Keep your gym shoes by the front door or lay out your workout clothes the day before so you know you should go.